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Three Times When a Clever Paint Job Became a Majorly Bold Focal Point


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The most powerful tool in your decorating arsenal? It's paint. It's always been paint. But I'm here today to show you a different way to use your most mighty wizard-like weapon: Add visual interest with a truly unusual paint job and you can watch a focal point appear out of thin air.

These photos all come to us from the French team of Amandine & Jules. The duo–writer and stylist Amandine Berthon and photographer Julien Fernandez–work together to create really innovative interior features for magazines and other publications. With that kind of creative freedom, some inventive looks are sure to surface.

Above, a stripe of yellow paint wraps around a cross-section of the room, right over any moldings that get in the way.

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Here in the bedroom above, they've painted a circle across the walls, doors and floor to create a sort of optical illusion. A pretty bold look, to be sure.

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If you're in the mood for something a little more livable, look to this bedroom for inspiration. Painted yellow lines crisscross around the room and carry on to the floor–really standing out against the mostly bare white room.

Could you (would you) live with any of these looks at home?

(Image credits: Julien Fernandez)

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